C# , MySQL , PHP

CraneColorizer was created for an international manufacturer of construction equipment. The application allows sales representatives to sit down with their customers and design future vehicles, taking special requirements for paintwork and labeling into account.

A realtime 3D preview renders a plastic visualization of the vehicle. An online connection offers direct access to new models from a continuously growing range of cranes. The resulting paint instructions in PDF and Excel format serve as the basis for all subsequent production steps.

New vehicles are converted from CAD data or captured photometrically, then processed as 3D models. A two-dimensional explosion view of a highpoly model is the basis for the edit, whereas a lowpoly model is used for the realtime 3D preview. All vehicle data is comprised in a custom exchange format.

The application is thoroughly multilingual; a user can switch between five languages at any time. Part of the project is an online training with video tutorials which help users in getting up to speed quickly.